American Steeples & Baptistries is proud to offer the finest baptistries on the market.  We have many different baptistry models to select from that include single entry baptistries, double entry baptistries, and portable baptistries.  If you are looking to replace or get a new baptistry; give us a call to learn more!

Single Baptistry

Single Entry Baptistry w/Window

Our single entry baptistry Model 754 is available with or without a viewing window.  It is 5'2"...


Single Entry Baptistry Model 947

Our single entry baptistery model 947 is one of our most popular!  This fiberglass baptistry is...


Single Entry Baptistry Model 1052

Our single entry baptistry model 1052 is made out of durable fiberglass baptistry and is 4'4" wide a...


Portable Baptistry 9533

Portable Baptistry Model 9533