American Steeples & Baptistries is proud to offer the finest baptistries on the market.  We have many different baptistry models to select from that include single entry baptistries, double entry baptistries, and portable baptistries.  If you are looking to replace or get a new baptistry; give us a call to learn more!

American Steeples has all the baptistry accessories you need! Customize your baptistry with stairs, steps, drip pans, and baptistry heaters!

Drip Pan

Baptistry Drip Pan


Baptistry Stairs

Baptistry Stairs


Child Baptistry Steps

Child Baptistry Steps


Baptistry Heater | Portable | Adjustable Temperature

Our adjustable thermostat/portable baptistry heater is ready to use right out of the box!  This...


Baptistry Heater

Our poolside baptistry heater is our most efficient to operate.  It is mounted outside the bapt...


Deluxe Baptistry Heater

Our deluxe baptistry heater is a full service baptistry that has several options for auto fill, auto...